Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful Life!

It has been a while since the last time I wrote in this blog. Looking back, I realise so many things have happened in my exciting life. After all the trouble, I managed to get a new car few weeks ago. Not so long after that, I was conveyed a good news that my beloved sister had just given birth to  a beautiful baby girl, followed by a devastating news from my foster family in Miri, Sarawak that my foster dad had just passed away peacefully from old age. I supposed this is life. We lose and gain. We are happy one minute and sad the very next minute. A human being without emotion is lifeless.

For the past few weeks, I have been very busy at work. So many interesting cases I wanted to document here but after about 12 hours a day at work in most days, by the time I got home, my enthusiasm to share the story had fizzled out due to pure tiredness.
With the encouragement from my friendly consultants, I carried out an audit on misdiagnosis of X-rays in our department. Little did I know the colossal task I had offered to take. It took a month to finish the project. Nearly every day, I had to stay back after work to review the medical notes. There were about 100+ of patients’ medical notes I had to assess daily. Therefore, sometime I got home at 2 am in the morning. In a way I did enjoy doing it, as I could see the mistakes made by our doctors, and I hope from the outcome of my studies I will find suggestions to improve our service.

I was so relieved when the review of the notes ended last week. Mind you, this is not the end of my audit. What I have to do next is to interpret the data and of course to present it to the big boss. In few weeks to come I have to redo all of these again to see if any change in our practice has been made by our committed doctors. However, I have decided to defer the next stage of my audit to concentrate on my other project.

I plan to take an examination for membership in College of Emergency Medicine in June 2009. It is like a master degree. Being in a field where it is so exam/qualification orientated, I find that the only way for me to progress in my career is to have a post graduate qualification. I did psychiatry before which didn’t work. Now, it is time for me to seriously try the emergency medicine.
Again, it has been a gigantic effort. The subjects I have to focus on are broad and enormous. It involves anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, statistics,microbiology and of course medicine and surgery. It took three years to master all of the above subjects during my undergraduate period. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of time this time around. I have only 2 months to prepare for the exam. Gosh! Why oh why! .....concentrate, focus, and get on with the job, Hairi! If you fail to plan you plan to fail!