Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have just posted pictures from my recent trip to Lisbon in a new page. I discovered today that it would take a while to download photos and post them here. Insteads, I found it is much quicker to download the photos into my picasa web album. So, if anyone is interested to see what I saw and experienced during the 5 days trip, you are most welcome to visit the page ( or just click the url on link. I will download more within the next few days. Enjoy!

Today, my off day from work, has been quite unproductive. I had planned few activities but I only managed to execute small percentage of them. For the past few weeks I have been having trouble with my sleeps. I am not sure what, but part of the reason is my stomach. I continue to have epigastric pain, and every so often, if not every hour, I am awakened by the discomfort. I have got it checked with urea breath test to find out if I had H.pylori associated ulcer disease after being in trial with proton pump inhibitor, but the problem persists. It never bothers me during the day, only at night when I am in bed. I have started to take Zoton FT again to see if it would resolve the problem. If not, I guess I have to have OGD. As a consequence of this epigastric discomfort, I have not been able to have a proper sleep, hence, my energy level has been greatly affected. Instead of getting up at 9 pm as planned, I woke up late, nearly 12pm. It took a while for me to start doing anything.
When I woke up there was James in the second bedroom in his deep sleep. He met up with Andrew last night, and ended up at my place. He woke up soon after me and off he went again. Typical James.

Then, I had a chat with Rizal , my new buddy from KL, via the msn messenger. Small talk and he sounded like a nice guy.
After much contemplation, I decided to go to the new gym , Crunchfitness Gym, for the first time after signing up with it last week. I guess I had to do something productive, otherwise another day would be wasted which I hate.

The gym is marvelous but it was very busy. I couldn't use the equipment I wanted to use, and I had no patience just standing around to wait for my turn. It was quite frustrating. So I ended up trying my Yoga. While doing it, I realised how unfit I had become. I found it now quite difficult to do all the bending and stretching after abandoning the exercise for a while now. Somehow, I am glad that I have started doing it now. I also learn a not go to a gym after office hour.

On the way back by walking which took me nearly half an hour, I decided to buy a whole chicken to cook. I miss malaysian food, and of course you wont get it unless you cook it yourself. Therefore, malaysia green curry played in my mind on the way back.

While waiting in front of a lift in my apartment block I bumped into Brian who happened to drop in to see andrew. Nice to see him again. Lately I have drifted away from most of my friends. Don't know why.....emmmm, something that I have to figure out in bed tonight. Brian was in a good form. He likes to travel. So far, he has been in nearly 40 countries. Only 3 weeks ago he was in madrid with the other lads, and he has already booked a flight to Barcelona next weekend to meet up with Stephen who I haven't seen for few months now. Miss him too.
After eating my green chicken curry which is also Andrew's favourite, I tried to study anatomy for my exam in december but my brain was not working. I dont know why....perhaps, I am getting old or I am just to tired with so many things going on in there. So many decisions to make, so many goals to achieve....hemmmmm..I am a dreamer..

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