Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A night with my beloved friends

I had a lovely dinner with my friend last night at Milano restaurant, an italian restaurant on Baggot Street. Lovely interior and I enjoyed the food. I love italian food particular the pasta dishes. The dinner was arranged by Hazel whom I haven't seen for many months and she looked pretty as always. I was also glad to see Liam after being missing from the scene for quite sometime. He just got back from a holiday in Thailand. I was also sad when he told me he was imigrating to Australia to be with his loved one. He will be leaving in a month time after a trip to Montreal with Jeff and to Las Vegas with Eamon. We will be missing him big time.

The other lads were Andrew, Brian, Paul and Eamon.

For the dinner I had Avacado with spinach and peppermint leaves with italian sauce. I had twisted pasta with mozarella chest as a main course which was delicious. Andrew couldn't help himself to tuck in some of the pasta. My favurite part of the meal, as always, was the desert. I am a desert person. No matter how full I am there is always a place for desert. For me a bad restaurant is the one that serves deserts without

any thought in them. I had strawberry fruits top with honey mixed with yogurt and nuts. Delicious!

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