Thursday, July 31, 2008

A mess........

This is my comment that was published in malaysiakini portal (some important points surprisingly were edited): (the one in bracket with bold letters is the one that was edited)

"Dr Hlasim: As a medical practitioner myself, I am shocked by the publication of the medical report on Saiful, Anwar's accuser. It has violated a patient's confidentiality with is the fundamental right of a patient who is seeking treatment or assessment from a medical practitioner.(Saiful might be lying on the whole process but he still have the right to the unsaid agreement of confidentiality. When we take an oath to begin our career as a medical doctor, we agree to this agreement to respect the right of a patient. I believe he, Saiful, didn’t give his consent for the publication. It is unethical for the doctor involved to reveal his finding without Saiful’s consent. It is a gross professional misconduct if it is true that the doctor voluntarily allowed the medical report to be published. I haven’t read the report published myself and I have no attention to, but I was informed it was quite graphic and this is not acceptable).Even if the medical report is true, Anwar's legal team should use it in the court to squash the charge rather than using the media to win the war of public perception. I am not sure now if the report can be used in court if Anwar is charged because of this irresponsible publication.I really hope the doctor will come forward and reveal the truth. (Whether he provide the website voluntarily with the information ? If so he should be ready to be stripped off his medical licence for professional misconduct) If he didn't give his consent for the publication, then shame on the media that published the report. It is a disgrace to fight for the justice of one person but violate the rights of another person.If Anwar's team is talking about justice then an injustice has been committed by the publication of the medical report. I am not a government supporter nor an Anwar supporter.Yes, he was wrongly jailed for a crime he did not committ but he fought hard, and he gains my respect for that. This time, I am not sure if I am able to give him the same respect.He should fight the accusation in the court and if he believes there is conspiracy against him, then he should reveal it in the court. Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.The truth always prevails!"

This is what I sent to Oyin, my friend in malaysia, who commented on my comment above:
"well, as you can see, I am impartial. Not on either side which is fair. I sent the same comment to the star and NST. I am so sick with malaysian politic at present. I dont trust Anwar as much as I dont trust the government. What is left for me to support...DAP? PAS? no way! The pakatan wont work because of their completely different ideologies. People have made their choice...BN won. They are not perfect but they won. Wont win my heart though. We have to deal with it. That is democracy. Anwar is impatient. Insteads of rushing asking BN MP to cross over, if he want to be PM, he should have worked to strengthen Pakatan and show the public they can work together for the benefit of the people, to win the next election. By forming a government, with involvement of MPS who cross over, he will taint the name of democracy. If you want to win you need to win it fair and square. And with economy suffers globally, whatever happening in Malaysia now is not good. God helps us! In term of this sodomy thing, I also dont believe it happened involuntarily and I believe there is a personal vendetta by saiful for something only both of them know. Of course the government and police use the issue to their advantage which is wrong itself. However, the rights of both, Saiful and Anwar, should be protected, no matter who is right or wrong. I always believe that we should fight for the human right of any individual even though he is wrong."

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