Monday, August 11, 2008

A great weekend...

I did 12 hours shift working from friday night till saturday morning. It was raining heavily the whole night. Unfortunately it didn't deter people to come to AE. It was a chaos. As I was the only AE doctor there, and it was my first time working at night shift, so it was crazy. Anyhow i manage to survive.

I got home around 10 am and forced myself to sleep because I had to wake up early to cook dinner for a group of friends. I woke up at 2pm and ready to cook. I cooked Indian mee goreng and sweet spiced chicken wings. The kitchen was a mess afterward but hey, I have andrew to clean it up......sorry andrew, not my intention! The dinner was planned by Haiyu and I to say goodbye to Cindy and Paul who are going to emigrate to New Zealand at the end of the month.

Syed collected us at around 7 to bring the food to Haiyu's apartment which was located at Aungier Street, city centre. We were already late. Haiyu had cooked beef rendang which was nice. Manu, Haiyu's french husband, and his french friend was also there. Others were Cindy, Iban sarawakian girl, Paul, Cindy's Irish fiancee, Syed, my dear malaysian friend, Nico, syed's jewish argentian-spanish friend, Andrew, and Mitch, my other malaysian friend.

I had a great time. Everyone seemed to enjoy our food. Great company, great food.

Later that night, I went to Jeff's apartment for a small party. I was so tired so I spent lying on the couch listening them talking shit until 8 am sunday morning.

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