Wednesday, August 6, 2008

News from home...

I got a message from my baby brother, Amy, today at work looking for some financial help to get a new printer for his new laptop which I bought for him few months ago. I was busy at work to reply the text message, so the first thing I did when I got home at 1am was to call my baby sister , Midah, using Sykpe. She was already at the school where she was teaching, SM Teknik, Klang.

Apparently, Amy is in IKIM college in Kuantan at the moment, having registered last weekend to start his 3 years diploma course in accountancy under UTM. I am happy for him. He had a difficult childhood and teenhood having lost a mother who was very close to him at a tender age of 10. He was a lost soul for few years but he managed to pick himself up. I am proud of him for his strength and his fighting spirit. After SPM which he didnt do well enough to earn entrance to university, I sent him to politeknik to do Hospitality course which he seemed to enjoy. After obtaining his certificate, he decided to be independent and took a year off from his studies. With a help of my 2nd cousin, he got a job a sale assisstant which he extremely enjoyed that he decided to continue his studies in bussiness related course, hence, he is where he is now.

Another good news I received from Midah was, my other younger brother, Aboy, had just been accepted to start his training to be an inspector police. He will commence his training on September in Pulapol, KL. He had to undergo a long process of interview before being accepted. He has been recently engaged to a girl from the same village. I can't think a better job for him. Physically he is just perfect for the job. He is the most kind and honest member of the family. I wish him good luck with the 9 months training.

My granny, from my dad side is not well. She has dementia and physically she is getting weaker and weaker. We all don't know how old she actually is. In her ID card she has the same birthday as her first two children, and my Uncle is nealy 80 so she must be near 100. I can only pray for her wellness.....

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