Friday, August 29, 2008


Despite the continous flow of patients coming to AE today, nothing particularly interesting until the end of my shift when a young girl, accompanied by her mother and grandmother, came in with the hook of the handle of an umbrella stuck in her mouth. It was one of those cases that I would never see again in many years to come. Of course at the beginning nobody knew what exactly had happened. Obviously she was not able to give the details as the thing fully occupied her mouth. She could only cry. Apparently, her cry was heard in another room in her house, and the next thing the mother found her in that state. My consultant tried initially to remove the umbrella but it stuck firmly on her lower soft palate and there was a bit of bleeding. Worried that by removing it would cause more damage, my consultant contacted a paediatrician from another hospital. After much explanation they agreed for a transfer. An anaesthetist was also present and he was also worried about her airway. Later, a junior anaesthetist bravely attempted to remove the umbrella just before she was transferred to the children hospital. To everyone surprise he did it succesfully and there was no serious damage. I would never forget the relief that her grandmother showed.

Oh! Yes! I said yesteday I had a confession to make....well, not today....some other time


Mr. Manager said...

You've been keeping me waiting for your confession for weeks now.

Hurry up, please :-)

Are you on facebook, doc?

Al-Razes said...

yeah come on.. i wanna know it too :)