Thursday, September 18, 2008

Berlin! Berlin!

I haven't done much for the past 3 days. As i mentioned earlier, it takes 3 days to recover from 1 week night shift. Only today I started to go back to my normal day routine. I woke up early to drive back to Drogheda, not that I wanted to, I had to. Few weeks ago, unaware of the new parking rule in Drogheda I parked my car in front of the hospital, and at the end of my shift I found the fine ticket worth 40 euros, sticked on my car window. Great! Hence, I was where I was today to pay the fine, 5 days before they increase the amount of the fine. Damned you Drogheda Town Council!

Enthusiastic initially to take pictures of Drogheda I walked around with my Nikon 40 SLR after paying the damage. I found out that actually Drogheda was a boring town. The road lay out was horrible, and not much activities going on. So many old people around , not that I am ageist but I think it is pity that an old town with so much potential has been abandoned by young people. Yes, I was a bit disappointed not able to practise my skill in photography.

I was a bit pissed off yesterday. On Tuesday, I did an online order for a new HTC Touch Pro (a smartphone). The next day I got an email from them saying that they were not able to deliver the phone because I gave a different address from my credit card billing address for the delivery. I had to give my friend's address for the delivery because I would be in a different country when it arrives. Anyhow, I replied immediately, giving them the green light to sent the item to my current address, I called them as well as sending an email. The next day, through the tracking file, I found out that they wanted a proof of address. They could have told me on the phone when I called them. Pissed off, I called them again and cancelled the order. With my not-so-easily-give-up attitude, as I need a second phone right now, I went to city centre, and tried my luck to get a hold of Iphone 3G. I went to 3 different shops and they all said the same.......out of stock! Come back in 3 weeks time! Great! Thank you for your help! I was so pissed off, I ended up buying a nice pair of diesel jean and a diesel shirt. Felt so much after that.......Gosh! I have a problem here! Help!

I can't wait to go to Berlin with my friends. Few of them have been there since yesterday. The rest will be the in the same flight with me tomorrow morning. It is gonna be a good fun. I will be there for 3 nights 4 days. I will post pictures of Berlin...........Berlin, here I come..

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Al-Razes said...

can't wait to see the lovely pic of Berlin..