Monday, September 15, 2008

Yeah! Yeah!

Finally! Finally! It's over, for now anyway. It is time for me to relax and do other things. I am getting bored talking about my job, as if I have no life apart from work. I am sure some people (if any), who read my diary, are also getting bored with my writings...always about work. Last night was my last night at work before my two weeks holiday. So, eventually I will get a chance to explore my other interests....well, not many, but enough to keep my life exciting.

But not too fast. I have to write about few more other interesting cases. Moreover, I wont be able to talk about my job for two weeks. Isn't that great! YEAH! YEAH!

Saturday night was the busiest night for the whole week. I had to call my senior to give me a hand as it was nearly out of control. Kids crying, people complaining, nurse demanding, patients keep coming, nearly drove me into rampage. I had to attend no less than 4 patients at any time. I was like a cockroach, running from one patient to another and another before going to complete my first task. Non-stop for 12 hrs straight. Even when I was taking my short break, I was still writing notes.

The worst hour was around 4 am, on my own, the only AE doctor, when 4 patients literally came in at the same time, all by different ambulances. All needed urgent attention. One was a heroin addict, so out of it, not able to give a proper history apart from telling me someone had bitten off his ear. Half of his one side ear went missing and it was bleeding heavily. The wound was heavily contaminated, that he required HIV and hepattitis screening , vaccination and antibiotics. He was referred to a plastic surgeon in a different hospital but few hours later he did a runner..with a bleeding ear, high and stupid! We never found him.

While I was attending the ejit, the department night manager, the lovely AD (that is her name) called me to examine another patient who had a neck injury. He was completely drunk. Apparently, he was assaulted by a group of people while trying to help his sister from being attacked by the same group of people. He was in a room, shouting at the attenders, his head was strapped with a neck collar to protect his spinal cord from further injury. During the spinal check, he did exactly what I asked him not to.'Dont move your neck', he moved his neck! 'Dont nod' he nodded! 'Don't shout' he shouted. So frustrating! We, me and the nurses were looking at each other like 'yeah, I know exactly what you are thinking'. Thanks God, xray showed no damage to the back bone. However, one of his eye lid was cut into half and it was bleeding. He actually was also punched right to his eye. I was not able to examine if there was any actual damage to the eye ball because of the wound on the eye lid. I had to give him intravenous morphine to relieve the pain. I can only imagine the excruciating pain he was suffering. He was later tranferred to a different hospital to be assessed by an eye surgeon.

While I was in the middle talking to him, an elderly lady arrived by an ambulance with severe pain on the shoulder. She had a dislocated shoulder. After confirming the dislocation with an xray I managed to put it back in .......not before high dose of morphine for the pain, and midazolam to sedate her. Apparently, she had a spontaneous dislocation while climbing up the stairs in her house. Poor old lady!

Before all of the above, I had just finished seeing a lady, mid 50's looked like 100. She was so skinny and weak, as a result of her condition. She would fall backward easily if you just blow her face, I am telling you. She, who was later put on assisted ventilation, had a respiratory (lung) failure.

Ok, that's enough. No more talking about work for the next two weeks. Hooray! Time to have a simple, sleep, relax and holiday! Berlin, here I come!

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Al-Razes said...

such a nice experience.
Berlin??? wahhh seronoknyerrrr... enjoy your holiday!